The Basket Historical Society of the Upper Delaware Valley preserves the history, lore and legend of our area.

Our area of interest includes parts of both Sullivan and Delaware Counties in New York, namely, the Townships of Fremont and Hancock. Included are Acidalia, Basket, Burnwood, East Branch, Eminence, Fernwood, Fishes Eddy, Fremont Center, French Woods, Goulds, Hankins, Long Eddy, Lordville, Mileses, Obernburg, Pea Brook, Peakville, Rock Valley and Tennanah Lake.

Our museum on New York Route 97 in Long Eddy is open to all and contains displays, artifacts, photographs, books and reference materials.

Our historical publication the "ECHO" is free with your membership and is eight pages of pictures, stories and a wide range of information pertaining to our area.

To date, we have published over 1,000 pages of local history available nowhere else. A bargain at a few pennies a day, a real bargain in this day and age!

Annual membership is $16 (effective 1/1/2015.) If you are interested in joining, send your name, mailing address, telephone and email with a check made out to "Basket Historical Society" to Basket Historical Society, PO Box 198, Long Eddy NY 12760. Payment by credit card via PayPal will be available soon.

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